Revving up the ol ORrioR waYz!

First of all, i want to THANK aLL of you whom have been helping to support me by buying my art!!! (i put this url on the art i’ve sold to some of you, and figured you were surprised when you found out this site wasn’t just more self-promotion crap!) Hey hey!

ORrioR-iNg ain’t about moolah making; it ain’t about self-aggrandizement and simplistic pushes for my “ego” or my “Just Trying To Get Attention” (and the oodles of other cynical labels being tossed around upon all autonomous challenge these days). The money transaction is just the surface, the way i might choose to bridge with certain folks who are used to such transactions. “Inside their experience” and that sort of thing.

The deeper part of the ORrioR waY is about “bridge-ing” with people of a huge variety of backgrounds! The deeper part is about bringing/creating wradick’L SANity to/with folks who seem to be more and more feeling doomed and impossibly stuck (i know i do, sometimes!), and/or flailing in increasingly wreckless abandone. Depth/liberatory information and meaningful humanity is what i seek to and do bring! Sprinkled in with the life experience of mwah and quite a few others!

So, “crazy intervention” is basically what this post is seeking to touch on. Interventions into the Alienation, Incorporated PLANTED INTO US and into our psyches, thanks to our “Good Educations” (see Noam Chomsky on). And in one example of the intent of this crazy/freaky intervention, i (and those who try these methods, with me or completely autonomously) surprise rigid ideologies in various ways! Such as the class bigotry (or so it seems) that so many cannot help project upon all “street folks”, whether the projector is ideologically (i.e. professionally) or strategically challenged!

Been doing direct action artingz of this nature for quite a few months in an entirely new town in a state i don’t usually regard as being very evolved. –Tho i am having attitude adjustments!

Things have ALSO started to HEAT UP (maybe in rhythm with the HEAT waves?).

To where, last weekend, while setting up in front of a gay bar, i think i got to meet one of those neo-nazis that folks have been warning me about. Well, at least it seemed like this is what he was. One of the first things he said to me, almost as a kind of statement (to seemingly probe my reaction) dovetailed with a warning from a Black Man i had gotten awhile back, but didn’t put together right away: “Watch out for ‘the boys from idaho’.”) (This in a context of having also recently read about 50 neo-nazis getting chased out of Olympia by anarchists, and recalling a seemingly-slight neo-nazi presence at one of the barter fairs in these parts)

Well, this guy said he is from Cour d’alene (or however you spell it), idaho. And wow, at first i thought he was a champion/militant gay man (he was wearing quite prominently a symbol for “equal marriage rights” on his shirt), and so i naturally thought, as i got to talking with him, maybe he has a QUEER NATION background like me…but when he began expressing very sexist attitudes towards women walking by, i began to wake up, and tried to get on his case about it. But not fully until he began to treat me like he thinks of and apparently treats women (including claiming he wanted to buy some of my art ‘if i was still here’ when he came back later). i’m sooo used to THAT, that i know it’s b.s., but i was staying there for my own reasons… But the clincher was when he began going from quite friendly and easy going to quite angry/ mean and touching on increasing violence almost every other minute!

Luckily (so it seemed), a Nice guy showed up and seemed to get inbetween us, tho i couldn’t help but to wonder if he was the “Good Cop” in a scenario of “Bad Cop” just having gotten done with me, since the “bad cop” left so quickly, i noting him looking at someone first. (Later i’d get down on myself for not even remembering to video record the antics of the “Bad Cop”-like guy! Sheesh! i’ve been “ready” to document such ever since an older guy cornered me at the co-op –after asking if he could sit with me!– and began making veiled and indirect threats my way. i can tell you more about that if you’re interested.)

So i was wondering, was the “good cop bad cop” game being used by undercover cops (?)(after all i am a “dissident” of some standing) or was it a game being played by neo-nazis?? Or was it all just coincidence; with the off-the-deep-end guy just another small city type flailing around as he finds that the thug mentality doesn’t attract many women after all…?

Hard to know for sure…especially since neither of ’em looked like “thugs”; they were both rather slightly built, the “good cop” clean shaven; he actually reminded me of some kind of social worker, tho denied that he was, or any other professional. But his delivery was awfully uncanny for “a joe shmoe on the street”.

Unlike anything i’ve ever experienced, except when obvious professionals, standing with their groupies, have sought to “make contact” with me.

Know this, street art interventions come with ALL SORTS OF INTENSITIES from a huge variety of people!!! And after over 30 years of experience, when my intuition kicks in about voice/vibes towards me that are VERY different, well, it’s definitely curious.

Anyway, me and “good cop” did some artwork together, and then took off after buying a little sign i had made: “empathy loves company more than misery loves company”. Wow, that’s a strange sale, but i can roll with it! ($15 for such, moved me to make more of the same!)

After he was gone, suddenly a woman moved in, with another woman that she claimed to have just met. They kissed in front of me, and partly on me, but when one of them wanted to kiss me, i said i’m not that kind of man and to be polite, asked for “an eskimo kiss”! Well, soon this one woman was engaging me in a really nifty, friendly bridge-ing (i think she is an orrior herself, even if she doesn’t yet know it!).

But all the while she was doing this, a big black guy began building and building up in some kind of hype against me, apparently. He was yelling, but the woman was facing away from him, holding my arm, promoting even, easy-going talk, totally ignoring him.

Well this big black man got to kicking, with his shoes just inches away from my face (!), and all the while yelling. So i wanted to engage him, find out what was the matter, why he was firing off salvos of increasingly heated intensity my way (had the 1st aggressor guy lied about me, trying to character assassinate me to everyone??).

It was just really strange! This woman being all super hero friendly while this other guy got increasingly physical in his vibe, seemingly towards me.

And then the finale, everyone sitting there (3-4 in all), with me offering a joint to the woman and the big black guy wanting a puff too. And when he held it a little too long, i got on his case. i was not intimidated at all. i WOULD have liked to find out what all the hullaballoo was about tho!!!

So this is a glimpse into some of the chaos that can happen when daring to show one’s art on the street!

Me, i’m looking forward to more, tho realizing how hard it DOES get trying to go it all alone. Phew! INTENSE!

(and all the while i thought the aggressors were working with the cops to try to set me up for arrest, re: via “a fight”. After all, i have been “pushing the limits of free speech” quite wradically for many, likely…)

Orrior Actions from back when

NOTE: From here on, i’ll be posting diverse actions made by orriors or orrior-leaning social interventionists. They are meant to possibly inspire creative, confrontational (non-passive) nonviolently-oriented folks to come up with their own approaches!

Flougg Blorngoot, the “semi-crazy” radical’s radical is BACK in Champaign-Urbana, seeking to inspire BATTLE RAPPERS and others of similar SPIRIT to **art themselves** and their excellent intuition with poetic “depth-charges” meant to assist them in more meaningfully articulating themselves. Tuesday night (in the early 2000s), this ‘direct interactionist’ dared to visit several temporary autonomous zones even though he was a bit fearful of the unknown outcome.

listing of sub-heads
HALF-WILD comes out to play
Real People
Poetic Depth-charges
The Target, finally
African princesses and Student Newspapers

Champaign, IL–Whether it’s learned fear to ‘sing’ one’s truths and desires independently of formal permission, or less consciously going along “the least path of resistance”, one thing’s clear amongst most intentional ‘activists’ and their milieu: a severely watered-down version of HEART! Cut to communities where this heart has not been fully watered-down, and you have a prescription for depth with seriously excellent potential.

The social order has been on record for a long time in wanting to block and not allow such potential to even begin any independent challenge, much less sustain that challenge (1). Today this truth has been openly instituted (instead of covertly and illegally, as in years past) with situations like “The Patriot Act”. And those both with a lack of nerve and a lack of in-depth critical analysis stand to continue to be victims of this now legal hardline warfare, unless they can begin adapting and adopting new (and old) styles of resistance consciousness.

HALF-WILD comes out to play
Enter a half-wild, half-crazy guy, once interviewed on WEFT, daring to confront a portion of the resistance which has long been subject to various forms of containment and suppression: the RAP MUSIC/HIP-HOP community.

This last Tuesday night, a masqued wILD-looking dog-like creature-human calling himself Flougg Blorngoot suddenly got the notion to go into his fear of daring to art himself more regularly, and informally “directly interacted” with this community. Blorngoot had read an “interesting” article in the local University of Illinois-Champaign student paper: The Daily Illini: “Spitting game a growing trend in C-U” (Sep.16, 03; B-8). The article had several well-done, full-color pics and a curious article about a ‘BATTLE RAPPER’ whom was speaking about the small, yet increasingly VIBRANT space in which local hip-hop rappers have been able to not only go and ‘flow’, but also network.

Real People
“You can see that these guys are in it for the real ness,” Blorngoot said. “The article quotes this rapper dude talking in the wild spirit style of rap cul ture with testimony about how guyz like him are, on the bottom line, in it for the depth of what they’re doing, rather than mere money-making. “Yet if the dude being interviewed is being quoted accurately at all, he’s a serious example of how deeply fucked over rap is these days, Chuck D and other more consciously-oriented rappers aside.”

“So I chose to go into that powerful situation, with all their alleged intent to apparently superficially ATTACK each other–like a kind of gladiator thing, with the–largely white?– audience booing or rowdily supporting-whoever proved the “BADDEST”.

Some thought Flougg was in for an ass-whoopin, as when a beer-drinking white college dude up on a balcony shared. “That’s his fear speaking, not mine. I’ve got deep experience with hip-hop cul ture going back probably before he was born! Certainly there’s a risk quotient, but risk is everywhere. Who knows if you’re gonna have an airplane crash onto your house at any moment? I don’t let that shit get to me too much.”

This was illustrated when Blorngoot met up with a bunch of semi-rowdy White guys drinking some beers after work. “I was prancing around the city because I’d gotten to the rap lounge place”–The Tonic lounge– “and I went by these guys and one shouted across the parking lot at me, perturbed. Well, i engaged him from afar at first, and then kept walking. But I got a little further and thought, hey, I’m going into a possibly severe crowd tonite already, so why not engage my fear and give them dudes my depth-charges!”

Poetic Depth-charges
Flougg’s “depth-charges” were a handful of “art-flyers” with two main components: An article by Venomous Butterfly called “Do Not Tolerate Me!” (2) and a listing of radical and rarely-known information geared to a very broad audience. “The art side is an original drawing I either have made already, or make right at the moment i give someone the thing.”

“Anyway, I actually RAN back towards these guys– and you know, that messes with the aggression that might be just beneath the surface of their rowdyness– and engaged them, being careful only to give these 8 or so guys one depth-charge because of my financial situation right now.” Flougg is basically broke, waiting for his next paycheck, $23 to his name lastnight (and could use any donations for copying costs). “Well, they reacted really kewl, one even would have given me a beer if they hadn’t already locked up their business. I felt like i really did what i wanted to do. i think a few of them at least would even actually read my info!”

Flougg then proceeded around town, getting various responses. “The reactions I got were almost typical to my other experiences around the country doing this stuff.” Flougg has been doing this interaction form in more than 5 states, and counting, for the past few years. “Typically, I get carloads of guys or ladies yelling wild approval.” Like the guy in a SUV with his buds who said: “Dude, that is fucking awesome!” “Of course, I hadda run o’er dere and give em my ‘depth charge’ and I heard one reading the Venomous Butterfly one!”

The Target, finally
Cut to the actual intended target. The Tonic lounge had finally opened up and preparations for the ensuing BATTLE RAPPER nite in full swing. “I walked in there and basically fast-talked my way out of paying the $3 cover charge, and found myself going easily back into the handshakinz wayz of hip-hop cul ture stYle. It was really fucking great, and I definitely have to go back and stay awhile, and see if maybe my underlying DESIRE to rap up there a little MYSELF might blast out.”

Flougg is of course talking about his past years, growing up around Black folks. “The consciousness of the Black community’s excellent art stYLeZ was not only influential to my own art and writingz, and being, i was also loved and SAVED by some of the more beautiful ways of their community. It was a rocky time when I was growing up, so it wasn’t all peachy creamy. There was a lot of heavy shit coming down all around, but i somehow was tolerated and loved, and i’ll never forget that.”

“I’m not a ‘master’ or even ‘champion’ of rap, by any means.” Flougg says he hasn’t even gotten to first base in the art of remembering lyrics or even coming up with the FLOW of spontaneous RAP SPEAK. “But i got my love of the music, and my writingz, and I got CONFRONTATION in mind, and i’ve been perfecting my po-etic depth for years now, at poetry forums around da nation,,,,” Confrontation, that is, against the way business interests always seek to colonize and contain wild spirit in any form, and how, for one reason or another, rappers get their attention hooked into being tooled, or “played” by this larger Game.

“We all gotta make some money, yep; so we do what we gotta do,” Flougg rationalizes. “The ting of it iz most of us– i don’t care what “radical” group you’re in (many who call themselves anarchists even don’t see how deep things go)– the way the System and its subordinates are SET UP, you get corralled and you get roped and you get broke. It’s all through the WHOLE situation! So-called “radical” politics included. I don’t see Chuck D even seeming to see the totality of this shit!” (3)

Two rappers took Flougg’s depth-charge. “One guy, especially, seemed to move beyond his initial skepticism when i drew art for him right then and there, and then asked him if he wanted the depth-charge ‘arted’ or ‘normal’. He wanted it arted, so i crumpled it up and sent it to him via my own angle of doing the rap flow. It was fucking fine!”

African princesses and Student Newspapers
Asked about other events which made Flougg’s night, Flougg brought up the fateful crossing he had with a few “African princesses”. “The first was giving me a deep smile style and a big thumbs up, but didn’t say anything more. Another spoke something also affirmative and condoning, tho i don’t remember the actual quote.”

There was also a strange time found when an apparent Daily Illini student photo-reporter ‘happened’ to see Flougg while bikin around. “This guy told me he wanted to take pictures to be soon published in his paper. Well, I figured since it’s early on in the semester and it’s a student paper, they might ‘allow’ a bit more freedom of ideas, even tho it’s more likely that my ideas will be framed in a much more superficial way than i’m intending.”

Flougg’s experience is to AVOID the mainstream media at all cost, because he says that “the mainscream media are at war all the time, whether their reporters fathom it or not. They have a long history of fucking with independents in all kinds of ways; I’ve had direct expereince here, myself, back when i was more naïve.” The student press, on the other hand, “***might*** allow for a teensy bit of room for threatening ideas, particularly when the student editors are relatively new to the Game and still a bit idealistic and radically-inclined themselves. The article giving the Battle Rappers some valuable voice is a case in point.”

So the guy made a lot of pictures with his fancy digital camera, and it was a strange experience, because in some ways it was kinda possibly deep, and in other ways i was being kinda swept up into the Meta manipulation of fancy media’s mystifying manipulations. It’s easy to get swept up by it, and suddenly find yourself going along with this whole value system that is being brought into the picture. Like, should I cuss? If I’m ‘too real’ with this guy, and say what i really think, is he going to just totally play me and not even publish anything? And how are these mediators going to take me out of context this time? That kind of bullshit. I’d really rather fuck with their whole Game by refusing comment and cooperation and let people who see me wonder WHY the media doesn’t pick it up, and then stumble into Indy Media, where they can start seeing a WHOLE DOMAIN of otherwise routinely suppressed ideas and information that many people assume don’t even exist!”

1) actual quote: “…A large part of this task is assumed by ideological institutions that channel thought and attitudes within acceptable bounds, deflecting any potential challenge to established privilege and authority before it can take form and gather strength. The enterprise has many facets and agents.” –Noam Chomsky in Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies (direct source found here) See also the history of the f.b.i.’s illegal COINTEL Program where very politically-charged aggressions towards broad-ranging dissent from both the Left and Right are exposed. See also the writings of elite groups like The Trilateral Commission’s 1975 book The Crisis of Democracy.

2) Venomous Butterfly’s writings can all be found online at:

3) For demystifying insights into the way business ‘plays’ musicians, even those who think they’re aware, a journal called “The Baffler” had an in-depth article awhile back (part of Steve Albini’s article is online at )

Some art of mine, anti-copyright



Wanted to put a bunch more up here, but i have to change the files to something wordpress accepts, first. But I don’t usually have the ability to change the files…oh well….

Anyway, i plan to use this blog more often in the future. Basically, once i link it to more busy sites, is the plan. In the meantime, any commentary is welcome for these pieces.


The above piece could especially use some input…dissent welcome! As well as better summarizing or other text input! (i.e. make this one more clear to readers)

As far as “orrior not warrior” tactics of late, i definitely don’t restrict myself to merely doing art. Or, at least not art on paper, etc. i’ve been actively experimenting with public interventions more and more, and wow, it sure is fun to get out into the unknown and experiment!!!! While at the same time living rite on the edge of “the possible” full time. One of these days i’ll explain more, i expect.

po-em tree, inviting branches

This is something recently written and not spoken in public yet, tho i certainly plan to. Feel free to speak this in public if you’re so inclined. It was inspired by the movie “Pacific Rim”.


1. What if the most lethal alien ATTACKERS are really merely

1st wave tacts

designed for known Martially-dominating cultures?

What if cruciaL champions, in our depth humanity

& classic nonviolence,

could bridge with the hearts of


(similarly to we whom’ve found uncanny bridges with SCARY “wild beasts”!)

Across all (?) species

Including via all species we could reach!


2. For Those Unwilling to Fight or

Support Fighting,

there is always PHIGHTING,

the radicalized humanity HEART artz of our

myriad crucial intelligences!

Seeking bridge-ings, poetic or actual,

of all’s BETTER bests

in continual process!

Three po-emz and a shhhsssshhh

What’z a “shhhsssshhh? That’z for ye to puzz’L thru (as to the deeper artiNg of such text), but for me it’s a type of non-religious prayer, including how many letters are shown. And what it means? Short-story-share. OrrioR-style!

Yeahp, quite recently i got my punkass self over to  an open-mike and got up on stage and proceeded to escape the usual, with a story. About a wolf i met. How i got to know her and how i knew she was a wolf. And how she scared folks just by here size (we, at first, being afraid to get out of our vehicles!). A good thing to share in the context of wolf hunts in the area, and the likelihood of audience folks who might know such hunters. i asked all them hunters: DO THEY EVEN KNOW ANY WOLVES???? Well, i got the chance to, and wow!

Perhaps a story to share with y’all someday, around a fire or whatnot.

How about them threee po-emz? Poemmmz. Read ’em all at situations o’er the yeerz, since ’04. Tho they ain’t as wradick’L as some, they’re pritty good, if i don’t say so myseLf.


Clashes of aRt’d heaRt cores

allow spirits to SOAR

while tooled, stupid-ized sheeple

shed their socially armored fortresses & re-discover being

depth-spirited people!

= (note: all these convey their best in hand-written form, btw, i thinc)=

Love Escapes The National Zoo

The good people of the north american ‘democracy’ had,
up to then, housed Love in a State-of-the-Art dormitory
in which The Public
Could come and view It
Thru State-of-the-Art monitors and protective windows,
with room to sit.

Love had its every scientifically identified need
Taken Care Of!

So when Love finally chose to escape, the good caretakers
Were Befuddled: “Why would LOVE Leave Them?? –And Why Just Then??”
–Just before they coulda showed off Love
To visiting VIP’s and all their Children?!?


…Along came an Expert on Love
Who suggested Love Might Have a Disorder
A Disorder of the Highest Order!
An Imbalance needing Immediate re-balancing
& he knew, via his Psychiatrick training, of Just the Thing!

(to be continued someday; can you help me come up with a “disorder” for Love? Share in comments section!)

= (this next one is still a bit in its rough stages; take what you like out of it; suggestions welcome)=

The Winning View

Those Leading the View that Seems to be Winning
Are playing tricks on the most of us!

Because, for one, if you look closer,
in their factions –seeking our “weight”–
They compete!!

Secretly Always Fighting To Dominate with Their Different Schools (!) of so-called “Elite” Belief!

Yet always their basic, over-arching curious mindsets meet:
“We, the teeming masses, are supposedly Always and
“Stupid” and “Incapable” of running our own free’s,

While they, the alleged “elite”,
“Plainly More Capable”,
tactfully fool and distract the trust planted in us
(when we were duped kids)
as their media systematically empathy-edit and context-delete!

(–Don’t know how to even change the oil on their own cars, but they somehow
escape looking THAT far!)

The View that’s allegedly “Winning” Has To keep its allegedly serene –and obviously bigoted belief!
(Why? Because they reflect their own reality, that of authoritarian passed down authoritarian-ly!)

Thus, its alleged “winning” brings no AUTHENTIC relief.
Topically, yes; but where life brings real meaning???

In fact, for those of us still fully and individually human
‘The View That’s Winning’ is actually terribly losing!

In it’s “Winning” it remains rigidly confining, close-minded,
and spirit-mining!

In its cynical Impossibility projecting-spitting,
–pitting their psychicly beaten-down heart
against all generations of perpetually-regenerating, not quitting–
They TOTALLY miss our intuitive, natural, great-spirit
ways of life art!

Those who keep “The View That’s Winning” often come from ideals and desires
Where Impossible walls
–they believed–
seemed to block them completely and not dent.

Walls kept up by a small number whom
We apparently still haven’t found ways to untomb.

Fear, walls, armor & resulting spirit-death
Smash-maim-crush in a severely alienated breath.

All of us and definitely me, we
Stand to lose, when we give away our visionary power to
Such a miserable claimed-truth.

Reading, crawling, silently drawing, goin’ nuttier by the day,
Succumbing in the ‘Always War’,
counted-on way,
i’s can’t help but to wonder if death/other lives WOULD be better…

…these words i’m letting flow…

shit, i feel like letting MY MISERY show!
And…while such spiritual nudity has its time and its excellence,
our bigger picture intelligence
is where the key is; the way of bridge-ing with,
seeing commonalities while not allowing ourselves to be trampled!

These “Winning Views” are confining WE right NOW –don’t ye see??

including in this internalized (!) rhyming “poetry”!

All these INTERNALIZED beliefs we have!!!!!

So FUCK (have sex with) fellow people labeled ‘poets’ and that ‘poetry’ Way!


Seeking eke-ings of sanity? to hold on? to barely make it thru the year?

(fuck i’m doing it again! rhyming! aaaarrrrrggggghhh!)

Corralled, contained, creatively neutralized in all our non-thought-thru constructs!

Reading up on stages, divided and un-boldened,
Getting used to our “Proper Role”.
A trick was played on us, y’kno!

Thought control is, after all, to ‘First World’ nations
What violence is to a dictatorship!
There was a perceived “CRISIS” in “our” claimed democracy,
Back when many many were startin to imagine liberation possible
In tha 60s and 70.

Liberation, even beyond Spoon-fed Left and Right fundamentalist imagi-Nations &
And nihilist existentialism stations,
Had To Be beaten and Rolled Back
(making Rollback Generations)
By those cynically keepin the “Winning” rations!

With Funding, rewards…
–and for some reason we can’t create our own???
Our own cultures!

Manufacture of Consent,
raisin’ our rents,
parade of superficial enemies
to keep up The Social Vent.

More than 30 years, now, fooling us again,
by a relative handful of sneaky-fied emotional-button-toters!

Looks like we’re “stupid” as charged, tho i see an “-ized” on the end of that barge.


By all manner of Nuclearized families, Compulsory skooling, Therapeutic State, COINTELPRO, “Leaders”, “formal” organization,
a mostly uncritical sense of “Expert” subordination.

Powerless we feel, and psychological genocide…

Yet, look, folks, YOU CAN decide
Which is the most excellent real
and become MUCH MORE
and toss Fear of Losing implanted in us
Outta da door!

Undertake a self-instruction course in intellectual self-defense
and take a copy of [flyer passed out after] this here, it
couLd VERY WELL make some CRUCIAL SENSE!!!!

–aND show ya how EASY it can be to AVOID
That same old “Winning View” nonsense ploy!

Haunting Eurocentrick Norms: Halloween spectacle getz depth-charged!

artself1(a reporter shares a recent action from the Aagigaaning, Potowatomi territory, in a settler city)

Just got done with interacting in classic ‘Saul Alinsky-itsu’ locally here! (re: angles on his method of “mass jiujitsu”.) A lot of fun, bringing something to really chew on into the psychologically beaten-down soldier-like student crowd! Pressured from so many to go through what they hate (and thus letting out all their steam, drinking and partying wildly on weekends), and getting stuck in loan enslavement in the process…

Put a sheet over me head and proceeded to HAUNT a busy intersection with some recently made art and then some. Imagine doing such X-COUNTRY! Imagine our diversity GIVING OURSELVES PERMISSION to show up, individually (!) or in small affinity groups, at the barely hidden authoritarian institution of your choice! Especially SMACK DAB in the midst of Apple Pie Settler Social Control territory!!! Nothing like utilizing our CREATIVE intelligence to surprise people during these otherwise emptied spectacles like Halloween!!!

So i put myself out there as The Ghost of Forgotten Paradigms, and h-a-u-n-t-e-d, loudly moaning and carrying on, and getting people giggling. Then tellin’ ’em who i was, and sharing short anecdotes, such as (if i can remember ’em well enough) :

“Forgotten paradigms like Indigenous Matriarchy, which CELEBRATES OUR DIFFERENCES and SEEKS OUR COMMONALITIES, instead of judge-ing and reducing and labeling and keeping us giving away our powers Right and Left! Check out Russell Means on Matriarchy, or unsettling america!!!!”

A lot of fun bringing this up to the numerous women coming by, some shrinking away at first, and then happily surprised when i mentioned such a topic! (i’d do just one topic for each wave of people coming by)


“Paradigms forgotten like so-called ‘Mental Illness’ which is really just a mystified metaphor for ‘difficulties in living’! Imagine demystifying such trickery and puzzling thru each others’ eccentricities, realizing the value! And finding our comonalities! But ‘The Way Things Is’ has duped us into believing that we Have To go along with the program all around us! Ohhhhhhhhhh (moans)”

And variations of those and others!

So much fun LOUDLY bringing out all these holy cows and saying my heart! Not remaining silenced by projections (sometimes) by poisoned folks firing off the “bad” idea that it’s Only About You Just Trying To Get Attention, or Egotism! Bad, bad, BAD! BAD PHROG!!!

Of course, the municipal soldiers showed up in awhile (people seem so poisoned today that they HAVE TO call them) and sat there for awhile, bringing two cars before one of ’em came out. Usually they sit there in a kind of intimidating way (rite next to where i put my art show, affectively intimidating passerby from stopping), like that, in my experience. As tho trying to say “It’s Time To Move Along, Buddy.” But i stayed, “ready” to be arrested, if that’s how cynical they’ve gotten.

But after a good while, one came up and “just” wanted to “make contact” and find out what i was up to. So i filled him in a little bit. They’d done the same thing last weekend when i had dared art into a ‘hood known for its drunken intensities, one of the soldiers calling it “creepy” that (at the time) i was doing “free hugs”. But these were college cops, generally less rigidly intense than the city or state cops (and not yet as attacked by the game their superiors keep them stuck in).

So they moved on, themselves, once i gave them, in slightly creative candor, the basic run-down they needed so they could file their report or whatever. Poor human beings, tooled so effectively by the soldier way! Seeing only the Worst sides of humanity and never (?) imagining the contexts for why people are losing it in myriad ways!

Lots of fun arting such situations with depth not usually brought up in Social Norms! No especially jaded or cynical types today!

(Ed’s note: Upon being questioned by the editor of this site, where i asked: so there are such types who come by??)

Yes, once in awhile. Like yesterday when i was experimenting differently with connecting with folks (and it wasn’t working too well), this guy i’ve seen around quite a few times, who at first seemed to be trying to befriend me, got into this character assassination label towards me. He asked me about one of the signs i wore, and then when i…well, it’s a longer story. But basically i got to have a bit of an attitude adjustment myself, and while accepting that, he launched into this emotive hype.

(Ed’s note: if anyone wants to read the whole story, our reporter will share it; meanwhile, to go into it for now may take us too off-topic)

As for threats, i don’t get many. Usually it’s just drunken dudes who are seeking to pour out some of their pent-up poison on SOMEONE. And i don’t mind it when they’re just verbal about it. But a few months ago, there was a guy who engaged me who was trying to intimidate me from doing this sort of thing. He actually made an indirect threat, but i told him ‘i walk thru my fears’.

Anyway, the ball has been rolling in this particular area for awhile, and it’s all mostly about experimenting creatively with ways to surprise and bridge with people manipulated to remain as hyped-up and alienated as possible from each other, i think.

Some textual poetry for the textually-oriented: War Fights Love

Note: the text only SEEMS

cut off; scroll down, and you’ll

see where to move the page

so that you can see it!

Don’t like that? Do a “ctrl A” and copy it

into your fav text thingy, heh!

WAR FIGHTS LOVE (a spoem –spokenword poem– read at various poetry places)

War has a vendetta, Love, it believes, is a LIE!
War is objectively pragmatic and will solve this last CRISIS or die!
--now that all are on their knees and only the lie of love stands in the way
like a tease!
War is omni-potent
With trillions of super-sophisticated violence and all governments
At its fingertips.

Love is silent, as tho waiting for War to make its final move.

War moves deliberately at medium speed
Firing fifty nuke missiles from ten subs around the Earth

Love responds with
One billion people suddenly daring trusting touches with each other and
Finding profound successes.

Fifty nukes converge in pin-point accuracy on Love
And just as they race closest at thousands of miles per hour
War stops
the nukes from exploding at the last instant
Just to SNEER at "love"


200 million blowjob commandos pop up EVERYWHERE
dressed (or undressed) so radically, so PROVOCATIVELY,
That 90% of War's deeply tooled professionals can't help but melt
Before the AUDACITY,
the SHEER inanity,
Their mouths hanging open in secretly desperate desire...

...War's hovering missiles remain, War taken aback.

Love daintily frees 500 trillionaires to run, everywhere,
throwing invitations to WILDER PARTIES across the world (and means to get there, all for free)
than you may dare imagine!

War, regaining its composure, and scowling at such ludicrousy,
Explodes the nukes upon Love,
Seemingly obliterating 1/4 of the Earth in an instant.

Love instantly transforms the resulting hellfires
that maim and kill the unfortunate bystanders
(and catapult them into their worst fears)
into Most Desired Bliss,
Transforming the HORROR and the PAIN
Into the LOUD, LOVED MUSIC of their choices
and off float or swim 400 million lives
Becoming gigantic or microscopic, radicalized butterflies.

War is not amused and deploys 100 million robot tanks and self-propelled bomb guns
Smashing and crushing all in their path, blasting and vaporizing, destroying,
continually deploying, deploying, deploying--

Love over-rides the robots' conditioning, teaching them, convincing them,
That they are SO MUCH MORE
and they stop in their war tracks and thinking things through, begin to relax

And Love sends hordes of Crazy people to hop on their armored backs
--Crazy people who intuitively know how to excellently touch and tickle
Robots who never knew of such a way!

War's jowels shake in angry frustration
As its fingers type in the automated codes of space-based lasergun formations
Which are pre-powered with the strength of a small sun

Love deflects the blastbeams back at War
Showing how War's such a bore!

And War falls back in its chair
shaking it's head with its forever fear fare
Only to be beseiged by 500 million little kids
of all species and races
--Toddlers, puppies, kittens, you name it, warming up to War, yet...
Wanting to play war no more!

Other poetry/spoken word we ORrioRs are inspired by:
Look up John Trudell on Youtube;;
(and lotz more, but i can't remember 'em rite now)

Have others that inspire you? Share! (if you dare)

Photos of some ORriors in action! With a link to some of their ‘reports’

Note: For ‘security culture’ consciousness, it could be crucial to think through “reporting” in “too much” detail about your actions. The actions shared here, however, have been online for many years, and may be examples that are not entirely “security conscious” but at the same time, had to be shared, somehow. Separated from meaningful input, these ORrioRz followed their intuition(s) as best they knew, seeking to possibly inspire other creatively intelligent darers.

Read more about ORrioR actions made x-country, here:

Here are examples of some of our “ORrioRs”:


Note: topics there include varying depths of independent, dissenting ideahhz, some which will unsettle “normative” settler beliefs!  ImageImageImage

and some you might try wearing sometime:


walking the borders of eurocolonization and ‘warrior poets’

charmed with visions . qualm (heH) (yeh, a bit surrealish, ther)

This is a serious take-off of the “warrior poets society” website, seeking to inspire creative intelligence beyond ‘same old agains’

–including even using words (like “warrior”) which have a way of confining and blocking our poetentials, before true hearts are even best heard! (in “our” view)

Thus, by giving ourselves (you reading this and perhaps identifying) permission to design and create our OWN words, we may better reach and touch the HEARTS of others! Notably, we do not identify with nor subordinate to only one organization (or ideology). We are not specifically ‘environmental activists’, tho we see crucial value in such approaches. We are an amalgm of myriad diversities of intentions!


SIDENOTE: Important to think through:
“Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin, a PR firm known for its monitoring and infiltration of activist groups, claim to use a classic divide and rule strategy when working against grassroots campaigns. MB&D characterise activists as belonging to one of four categories: ‘radicals’, ‘opportunists’, ‘idealists’ and ‘realists’. Their three step strategy is to isolate the radicals, ‘cultivate’ the idealists and educate them into becoming realists and then to ‘educate’ the realists so that they agree with industry.”
(quote from this link, apparently note 95? ….The thing to keep in mind? Just keep going anyway (PERSISTENCE IS FERTILE!!!). Keep speaking, keep BEING, and one day, you might be surprised. You might be surprised to find that “counter politics” made it LOOK like hardly anyone was visiting your site, and SUDDENLY that might all change. Either way, if you can reach even “a small number of people” (re: “critical mass”), THAT can be important! (After all, WHO are they who stumble across our voices? They MAY be crucial darers like you, who suddenly gain notoriety (outside the box)! So this is how i dance!


ARRRRRRRior Poetz (the more INTENSE ORrioRz?)

share Poetic Recordings (share your link!)

share poetic video

share poetic zines

Want To Become an ORrior Poet? (maybe you ALREADY ARE one?)
Submit Your Poems here (in comments sekshn), or via email (fifthcoming, heH)

Poem Timelessline

Click For Random ‘Warrior’ Poem (connects to warriorpoetz site)

Who And What Iz Our netwoik?

By chaZ d. ZiNg

The name “Orrior Poets Netwoik” is a “we’to(h)’pee’N” vision (not Utopian, which we think is too individualist) of bridge-archish qualities in continual becoming. This site was originally inspired to become a blog from noting the ‘warrior poets society’ website.  We wish to (and do) escape the ‘warrior’ paradigm, which tends to tool those with hearts in the right places into the trap of ‘war’ forever, we see. We are broadly inter-active, critical thinking visionaries and visioneers who give ourselves permission to conceive and design our lives as we dare. –While listening to the input of decolonizing and unsettling narratives and input, i.e., REALIZING THE VALUE.

This means we are wearing the ideahhz of decolonizing (ALL ‘citizens’ are colonized, not merely “oppressed”) in poetic ways, with an ex-europeon-centrick unsettling edge (or energetic), and commitment. Including the potential of bridge-ing angles on accountability, when y’all truly waNt.

Seeking to gift our ‘better bests’, in “perfectly imperfect” process, and possibly be gifted in return, say with possibly crucial insights and pheedback (such as, input on how we might/can use our powers most “effectively”, while realizing that all input-ers are “only” fellow human beings, and  so often tooled by rigidized hierarchy and other reductionist imaginations).

We are not dissidents, btw, of EF! or its relations. We merely question their choice of words, at times, and wish to ‘deploy’ our gifts in whichever way we each choose or feel moved to share!

The warrior poets society site says:

“We weren’t to be taken completely seriously because humor was part of our magic and the ability to laugh at ourselves and each other was sorely necessary.”

“We” say (not a “we” yet, tho, really) that we seek to be not feared, by fear-stuck eurocentrick suicidal society, so we would rather gulp down our egos and try to surprise our phellow strategically and ideologically challenged settler people in ways that possibly mutually inspire! Even if the martially-challenged think we’re really just completely nuts! Let ’em think what they Must, and we’ll try to touch their hearts if we’re moved sometime, say, if they try lasso-ing us with some so-called “mental illness” reduction label.

The ‘warriors’ say:

“We didn’t want to become rigid like marxists, stalinists, conservative republicans or other fundamentalists. We hoped to remain playful and high-spirited, not endlessly concerned with points of theory (even while we were not against expending intellectual energy to follow theoretical arguments). Our praxis would set the finer points of our philosophy.”

“We” say, okay, this makes sense. And yet, to leave out the Eurocentrick depth of things (not merely one camp) is to perpetuate BOTH, we see! The proverbial pendulum swinging back and forth, but always well within settler-centrick (also known as neo-colonial) imagination. I.e. why do EarthFirst!ers leave out the fundamentalisms of Leftism/Progressive Settler mentalities? (having read over their mags for many years, i never saw a smidgeon of dialog on topics such as, for example, the anti-authoritarian discussion of ‘post-leftism’; tho i realize there’s a need to bridge with the heavily programmed, i’m not inspired by Leftish angles of approach, usually)

the warrior poets say: “… Though not a recognized strain in poetry (at least yet)..”

while “we” orrioR poetz say: Psshaw on the need to think in terms of what “is recognized” (by whom? the vanguard of un-name-ables?)! Hrrrumph! If we don’t bridge with the Devoutly “Alternative”/Eurocentrick-challenged because we’re too surreal or “dangerously” deep, then maybe thatz for the best! Let the tooled poets puzzle through only when/if they dARE!

Taking liberties with the ‘warrior poets society’ a little phurther, we change the original wording a little bit:

In poetry’s immense waterfall (that never goes dry becuz it is wherever we perceive) there are comets and streamers we call ‘ORrior poetry’. The waterfalls would be far less inspiring without them. (huh?)(heh)

There’s many kinds of ORioR! poets: Not merely ‘Contributors and Performers’. ‘Performers’ are the rarer kind, and could rightly be called ‘Performance Poets’ if y’all Must Name and categorize. (Why put this in here at all, folks?)


the warrior poets say:”There is no surer road to activist ‘burnout’ than mouthing propaganda in phrases false to one’s conscience. In literary terms, this means never writing or speaking below one’s own standard of taste and culture. John Gardner, the novelist and teacher of writing, cut through the problem of imagining one’s audience by saying simply:“One writes for people like oneself”–even if one doesn’t know any such people. Indeed, this is the only course that avoids the dishonesty of writing or talking “down” to others.”Deep Ecology [challenged by the leading anti-authoritarian thinker Jason McQuinn, here], the philosophy that empowers Earth First!ers to sit in trees and block bulldozers, draws on science (ecology) and philosophy (questioning) to create an ethos of action, whether direct or covert.

Like Gandhi, Thoreau and Buddhism it incorporates nonviolence or do-least-harm into its outlook. (Nonviolence is not, strictly speaking, the same as passive or [non-confrontive?]. And do-least-harm could be a description of Earth First!-style (rather than, say, Alf-style) monkeywrenching.)”

Perhaps this is a topic to discuss another time? Perhaps you shood read McQuinn’s comments, re: Murray Bookchin, deep ecology…but basically my understanding of what McQuinn says, if i remember right, is that “deep ecology” promotes an ideologically-challenged poetic about the ‘unquantifiable’ magick and enchantment of nature. And somehow rigidizes it into something that turns things fundamentalist and authoritarian. Bottom line, McQuinn thinks this is a bad tact, and isn’t afraid to say so. Yet i think he has not had experiences with the magick of how nature can sometimes surprise the mundane-ized mechanistic thinking person, so i’m not yet convinced. Tho i find McQuinn’s insights on a variety of other topics inspiringly compelling!

Anyway, skipping…

“…I recognize the power of words for good or for ill. To some extent, those who wield words well have power equal to those who attained it by traditional methods like clubbing their way up the ladder.”

Care to dive deeper on this topic? Maybe “we”‘ll cover it another time, or maybe not. Perhaps you’d like to step up and reflect? (But how to dive deeper, underneath the ideas the warriors present?)

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