po-em tree, inviting branches

This is something recently written and not spoken in public yet, tho i certainly plan to. Feel free to speak this in public if you’re so inclined. It was inspired by the movie “Pacific Rim”.


1. What if the most lethal alien ATTACKERS are really merely

1st wave tacts

designed for known Martially-dominating cultures?

What if cruciaL champions, in our depth humanity

& classic nonviolence,

could bridge with the hearts of


(similarly to we whom’ve found uncanny bridges with SCARY “wild beasts”!)

Across all (?) species

Including via all species we could reach!


2. For Those Unwilling to Fight or

Support Fighting,

there is always PHIGHTING,

the radicalized humanity HEART artz of our

myriad crucial intelligences!

Seeking bridge-ings, poetic or actual,

of all’s BETTER bests

in continual process!