Revving up the ol ORrioR waYz!

First of all, i want to THANK aLL of you whom have been helping to support me by buying my art!!! (i put this url on the art i’ve sold to some of you, and figured you were surprised when you found out this site wasn’t just more self-promotion crap!) Hey hey!

ORrioR-iNg ain’t about moolah making; it ain’t about self-aggrandizement and simplistic pushes for my “ego” or my “Just Trying To Get Attention” (and the oodles of other cynical labels being tossed around upon all autonomous challenge these days). The money transaction is just the surface, the way i might choose to bridge with certain folks who are used to such transactions. “Inside their experience” and that sort of thing.

The deeper part of the ORrioR waY is about “bridge-ing” with people of a huge variety of backgrounds! The deeper part is about bringing/creating wradick’L SANity to/with folks who seem to be more and more feeling doomed and impossibly stuck (i know i do, sometimes!), and/or flailing in increasingly wreckless abandone. Depth/liberatory information and meaningful humanity is what i seek to and do bring! Sprinkled in with the life experience of mwah and quite a few others!

So, “crazy intervention” is basically what this post is seeking to touch on. Interventions into the Alienation, Incorporated PLANTED INTO US and into our psyches, thanks to our “Good Educations” (see Noam Chomsky on). And in one example of the intent of this crazy/freaky intervention, i (and those who try these methods, with me or completely autonomously) surprise rigid ideologies in various ways! Such as the class bigotry (or so it seems) that so many cannot help project upon all “street folks”, whether the projector is ideologically (i.e. professionally) or strategically challenged!

Been doing direct action artingz of this nature for quite a few months in an entirely new town in a state i don’t usually regard as being very evolved. –Tho i am having attitude adjustments!

Things have ALSO started to HEAT UP (maybe in rhythm with the HEAT waves?).

To where, last weekend, while setting up in front of a gay bar, i think i got to meet one of those neo-nazis that folks have been warning me about. Well, at least it seemed like this is what he was. One of the first things he said to me, almost as a kind of statement (to seemingly probe my reaction) dovetailed with a warning from a Black Man i had gotten awhile back, but didn’t put together right away: “Watch out for ‘the boys from idaho’.”) (This in a context of having also recently read about 50 neo-nazis getting chased out of Olympia by anarchists, and recalling a seemingly-slight neo-nazi presence at one of the barter fairs in these parts)

Well, this guy said he is from Cour d’alene (or however you spell it), idaho. And wow, at first i thought he was a champion/militant gay man (he was wearing quite prominently a symbol for “equal marriage rights” on his shirt), and so i naturally thought, as i got to talking with him, maybe he has a QUEER NATION background like me…but when he began expressing very sexist attitudes towards women walking by, i began to wake up, and tried to get on his case about it. But not fully until he began to treat me like he thinks of and apparently treats women (including claiming he wanted to buy some of my art ‘if i was still here’ when he came back later). i’m sooo used to THAT, that i know it’s b.s., but i was staying there for my own reasons… But the clincher was when he began going from quite friendly and easy going to quite angry/ mean and touching on increasing violence almost every other minute!

Luckily (so it seemed), a Nice guy showed up and seemed to get inbetween us, tho i couldn’t help but to wonder if he was the “Good Cop” in a scenario of “Bad Cop” just having gotten done with me, since the “bad cop” left so quickly, i noting him looking at someone first. (Later i’d get down on myself for not even remembering to video record the antics of the “Bad Cop”-like guy! Sheesh! i’ve been “ready” to document such ever since an older guy cornered me at the co-op –after asking if he could sit with me!– and began making veiled and indirect threats my way. i can tell you more about that if you’re interested.)

So i was wondering, was the “good cop bad cop” game being used by undercover cops (?)(after all i am a “dissident” of some standing) or was it a game being played by neo-nazis?? Or was it all just coincidence; with the off-the-deep-end guy just another small city type flailing around as he finds that the thug mentality doesn’t attract many women after all…?

Hard to know for sure…especially since neither of ’em looked like “thugs”; they were both rather slightly built, the “good cop” clean shaven; he actually reminded me of some kind of social worker, tho denied that he was, or any other professional. But his delivery was awfully uncanny for “a joe shmoe on the street”.

Unlike anything i’ve ever experienced, except when obvious professionals, standing with their groupies, have sought to “make contact” with me.

Know this, street art interventions come with ALL SORTS OF INTENSITIES from a huge variety of people!!! And after over 30 years of experience, when my intuition kicks in about voice/vibes towards me that are VERY different, well, it’s definitely curious.

Anyway, me and “good cop” did some artwork together, and then took off after buying a little sign i had made: “empathy loves company more than misery loves company”. Wow, that’s a strange sale, but i can roll with it! ($15 for such, moved me to make more of the same!)

After he was gone, suddenly a woman moved in, with another woman that she claimed to have just met. They kissed in front of me, and partly on me, but when one of them wanted to kiss me, i said i’m not that kind of man and to be polite, asked for “an eskimo kiss”! Well, soon this one woman was engaging me in a really nifty, friendly bridge-ing (i think she is an orrior herself, even if she doesn’t yet know it!).

But all the while she was doing this, a big black guy began building and building up in some kind of hype against me, apparently. He was yelling, but the woman was facing away from him, holding my arm, promoting even, easy-going talk, totally ignoring him.

Well this big black man got to kicking, with his shoes just inches away from my face (!), and all the while yelling. So i wanted to engage him, find out what was the matter, why he was firing off salvos of increasingly heated intensity my way (had the 1st aggressor guy lied about me, trying to character assassinate me to everyone??).

It was just really strange! This woman being all super hero friendly while this other guy got increasingly physical in his vibe, seemingly towards me.

And then the finale, everyone sitting there (3-4 in all), with me offering a joint to the woman and the big black guy wanting a puff too. And when he held it a little too long, i got on his case. i was not intimidated at all. i WOULD have liked to find out what all the hullaballoo was about tho!!!

So this is a glimpse into some of the chaos that can happen when daring to show one’s art on the street!

Me, i’m looking forward to more, tho realizing how hard it DOES get trying to go it all alone. Phew! INTENSE!

(and all the while i thought the aggressors were working with the cops to try to set me up for arrest, re: via “a fight”. After all, i have been “pushing the limits of free speech” quite wradically for many, likely…)