walking the borders of eurocolonization and ‘warrior poets’

charmed with visions . qualm (heH) (yeh, a bit surrealish, ther)

This is a serious take-off of the “warrior poets society” website, seeking to inspire creative intelligence beyond ‘same old agains’

–including even using words (like “warrior”) which have a way of confining and blocking our poetentials, before true hearts are even best heard! (in “our” view)

Thus, by giving ourselves (you reading this and perhaps identifying) permission to design and create our OWN words, we may better reach and touch the HEARTS of others! Notably, we do not identify with nor subordinate to only one organization (or ideology). We are not specifically ‘environmental activists’, tho we see crucial value in such approaches. We are an amalgm of myriad diversities of intentions!


SIDENOTE: Important to think through:
“Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin, a PR firm known for its monitoring and infiltration of activist groups, claim to use a classic divide and rule strategy when working against grassroots campaigns. MB&D characterise activists as belonging to one of four categories: ‘radicals’, ‘opportunists’, ‘idealists’ and ‘realists’. Their three step strategy is to isolate the radicals, ‘cultivate’ the idealists and educate them into becoming realists and then to ‘educate’ the realists so that they agree with industry.”
(quote from this link, apparently note 95? ….The thing to keep in mind? Just keep going anyway (PERSISTENCE IS FERTILE!!!). Keep speaking, keep BEING, and one day, you might be surprised. You might be surprised to find that “counter politics” made it LOOK like hardly anyone was visiting your site, and SUDDENLY that might all change. Either way, if you can reach even “a small number of people” (re: “critical mass”), THAT can be important! (After all, WHO are they who stumble across our voices? They MAY be crucial darers like you, who suddenly gain notoriety (outside the box)! So this is how i dance!


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Who And What Iz Our netwoik?

By chaZ d. ZiNg

The name “Orrior Poets Netwoik” is a “we’to(h)’pee’N” vision (not Utopian, which we think is too individualist) of bridge-archish qualities in continual becoming. This site was originally inspired to become a blog from noting the ‘warrior poets society’ website.  We wish to (and do) escape the ‘warrior’ paradigm, which tends to tool those with hearts in the right places into the trap of ‘war’ forever, we see. We are broadly inter-active, critical thinking visionaries and visioneers who give ourselves permission to conceive and design our lives as we dare. –While listening to the input of decolonizing and unsettling narratives and input, i.e. unsettlingamerica.wordpress.com, REALIZING THE VALUE.

This means we are wearing the ideahhz of decolonizing (ALL ‘citizens’ are colonized, not merely “oppressed”) in poetic ways, with an ex-europeon-centrick unsettling edge (or energetic), and commitment. Including the potential of bridge-ing angles on accountability, when y’all truly waNt.

Seeking to gift our ‘better bests’, in “perfectly imperfect” process, and possibly be gifted in return, say with possibly crucial insights and pheedback (such as, input on how we might/can use our powers most “effectively”, while realizing that all input-ers are “only” fellow human beings, and  so often tooled by rigidized hierarchy and other reductionist imaginations).

We are not dissidents, btw, of EF! or its relations. We merely question their choice of words, at times, and wish to ‘deploy’ our gifts in whichever way we each choose or feel moved to share!

The warrior poets society site says:

“We weren’t to be taken completely seriously because humor was part of our magic and the ability to laugh at ourselves and each other was sorely necessary.”

“We” say (not a “we” yet, tho, really) that we seek to be not feared, by fear-stuck eurocentrick suicidal society, so we would rather gulp down our egos and try to surprise our phellow strategically and ideologically challenged settler people in ways that possibly mutually inspire! Even if the martially-challenged think we’re really just completely nuts! Let ’em think what they Must, and we’ll try to touch their hearts if we’re moved sometime, say, if they try lasso-ing us with some so-called “mental illness” reduction label.

The ‘warriors’ say:

“We didn’t want to become rigid like marxists, stalinists, conservative republicans or other fundamentalists. We hoped to remain playful and high-spirited, not endlessly concerned with points of theory (even while we were not against expending intellectual energy to follow theoretical arguments). Our praxis would set the finer points of our philosophy.”

“We” say, okay, this makes sense. And yet, to leave out the Eurocentrick depth of things (not merely one camp) is to perpetuate BOTH, we see! The proverbial pendulum swinging back and forth, but always well within settler-centrick (also known as neo-colonial) imagination. I.e. why do EarthFirst!ers leave out the fundamentalisms of Leftism/Progressive Settler mentalities? (having read over their mags for many years, i never saw a smidgeon of dialog on topics such as, for example, the anti-authoritarian discussion of ‘post-leftism’; tho i realize there’s a need to bridge with the heavily programmed, i’m not inspired by Leftish angles of approach, usually)

the warrior poets say: “… Though not a recognized strain in poetry (at least yet)..”

while “we” orrioR poetz say: Psshaw on the need to think in terms of what “is recognized” (by whom? the vanguard of un-name-ables?)! Hrrrumph! If we don’t bridge with the Devoutly “Alternative”/Eurocentrick-challenged because we’re too surreal or “dangerously” deep, then maybe thatz for the best! Let the tooled poets puzzle through only when/if they dARE!

Taking liberties with the ‘warrior poets society’ a little phurther, we change the original wording a little bit:

In poetry’s immense waterfall (that never goes dry becuz it is wherever we perceive) there are comets and streamers we call ‘ORrior poetry’. The waterfalls would be far less inspiring without them. (huh?)(heh)

There’s many kinds of ORioR! poets: Not merely ‘Contributors and Performers’. ‘Performers’ are the rarer kind, and could rightly be called ‘Performance Poets’ if y’all Must Name and categorize. (Why put this in here at all, folks?)


the warrior poets say:”There is no surer road to activist ‘burnout’ than mouthing propaganda in phrases false to one’s conscience. In literary terms, this means never writing or speaking below one’s own standard of taste and culture. John Gardner, the novelist and teacher of writing, cut through the problem of imagining one’s audience by saying simply:“One writes for people like oneself”–even if one doesn’t know any such people. Indeed, this is the only course that avoids the dishonesty of writing or talking “down” to others.”Deep Ecology [challenged by the leading anti-authoritarian thinker Jason McQuinn, here], the philosophy that empowers Earth First!ers to sit in trees and block bulldozers, draws on science (ecology) and philosophy (questioning) to create an ethos of action, whether direct or covert.

Like Gandhi, Thoreau and Buddhism it incorporates nonviolence or do-least-harm into its outlook. (Nonviolence is not, strictly speaking, the same as passive or [non-confrontive?]. And do-least-harm could be a description of Earth First!-style (rather than, say, Alf-style) monkeywrenching.)”

Perhaps this is a topic to discuss another time? Perhaps you shood read McQuinn’s comments, re: Murray Bookchin, deep ecology…but basically my understanding of what McQuinn says, if i remember right, is that “deep ecology” promotes an ideologically-challenged poetic about the ‘unquantifiable’ magick and enchantment of nature. And somehow rigidizes it into something that turns things fundamentalist and authoritarian. Bottom line, McQuinn thinks this is a bad tact, and isn’t afraid to say so. Yet i think he has not had experiences with the magick of how nature can sometimes surprise the mundane-ized mechanistic thinking person, so i’m not yet convinced. Tho i find McQuinn’s insights on a variety of other topics inspiringly compelling!

Anyway, skipping…

“…I recognize the power of words for good or for ill. To some extent, those who wield words well have power equal to those who attained it by traditional methods like clubbing their way up the ladder.”

Care to dive deeper on this topic? Maybe “we”‘ll cover it another time, or maybe not. Perhaps you’d like to step up and reflect? (But how to dive deeper, underneath the ideas the warriors present?)

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