Three po-emz and a shhhsssshhh

What’z a “shhhsssshhh? That’z for ye to puzz’L thru (as to the deeper artiNg of such text), but for me it’s a type of non-religious prayer, including how many letters are shown. And what it means? Short-story-share. OrrioR-style!

Yeahp, quite recently i got my punkass self over to  an open-mike and got up on stage and proceeded to escape the usual, with a story. About a wolf i met. How i got to know her and how i knew she was a wolf. And how she scared folks just by here size (we, at first, being afraid to get out of our vehicles!). A good thing to share in the context of wolf hunts in the area, and the likelihood of audience folks who might know such hunters. i asked all them hunters: DO THEY EVEN KNOW ANY WOLVES???? Well, i got the chance to, and wow!

Perhaps a story to share with y’all someday, around a fire or whatnot.

How about them threee po-emz? Poemmmz. Read ’em all at situations o’er the yeerz, since ’04. Tho they ain’t as wradick’L as some, they’re pritty good, if i don’t say so myseLf.


Clashes of aRt’d heaRt cores

allow spirits to SOAR

while tooled, stupid-ized sheeple

shed their socially armored fortresses & re-discover being

depth-spirited people!

= (note: all these convey their best in hand-written form, btw, i thinc)=

Love Escapes The National Zoo

The good people of the north american ‘democracy’ had,
up to then, housed Love in a State-of-the-Art dormitory
in which The Public
Could come and view It
Thru State-of-the-Art monitors and protective windows,
with room to sit.

Love had its every scientifically identified need
Taken Care Of!

So when Love finally chose to escape, the good caretakers
Were Befuddled: “Why would LOVE Leave Them?? –And Why Just Then??”
–Just before they coulda showed off Love
To visiting VIP’s and all their Children?!?


…Along came an Expert on Love
Who suggested Love Might Have a Disorder
A Disorder of the Highest Order!
An Imbalance needing Immediate re-balancing
& he knew, via his Psychiatrick training, of Just the Thing!

(to be continued someday; can you help me come up with a “disorder” for Love? Share in comments section!)

= (this next one is still a bit in its rough stages; take what you like out of it; suggestions welcome)=

The Winning View

Those Leading the View that Seems to be Winning
Are playing tricks on the most of us!

Because, for one, if you look closer,
in their factions –seeking our “weight”–
They compete!!

Secretly Always Fighting To Dominate with Their Different Schools (!) of so-called “Elite” Belief!

Yet always their basic, over-arching curious mindsets meet:
“We, the teeming masses, are supposedly Always and
“Stupid” and “Incapable” of running our own free’s,

While they, the alleged “elite”,
“Plainly More Capable”,
tactfully fool and distract the trust planted in us
(when we were duped kids)
as their media systematically empathy-edit and context-delete!

(–Don’t know how to even change the oil on their own cars, but they somehow
escape looking THAT far!)

The View that’s allegedly “Winning” Has To keep its allegedly serene –and obviously bigoted belief!
(Why? Because they reflect their own reality, that of authoritarian passed down authoritarian-ly!)

Thus, its alleged “winning” brings no AUTHENTIC relief.
Topically, yes; but where life brings real meaning???

In fact, for those of us still fully and individually human
‘The View That’s Winning’ is actually terribly losing!

In it’s “Winning” it remains rigidly confining, close-minded,
and spirit-mining!

In its cynical Impossibility projecting-spitting,
–pitting their psychicly beaten-down heart
against all generations of perpetually-regenerating, not quitting–
They TOTALLY miss our intuitive, natural, great-spirit
ways of life art!

Those who keep “The View That’s Winning” often come from ideals and desires
Where Impossible walls
–they believed–
seemed to block them completely and not dent.

Walls kept up by a small number whom
We apparently still haven’t found ways to untomb.

Fear, walls, armor & resulting spirit-death
Smash-maim-crush in a severely alienated breath.

All of us and definitely me, we
Stand to lose, when we give away our visionary power to
Such a miserable claimed-truth.

Reading, crawling, silently drawing, goin’ nuttier by the day,
Succumbing in the ‘Always War’,
counted-on way,
i’s can’t help but to wonder if death/other lives WOULD be better…

…these words i’m letting flow…

shit, i feel like letting MY MISERY show!
And…while such spiritual nudity has its time and its excellence,
our bigger picture intelligence
is where the key is; the way of bridge-ing with,
seeing commonalities while not allowing ourselves to be trampled!

These “Winning Views” are confining WE right NOW –don’t ye see??

including in this internalized (!) rhyming “poetry”!

All these INTERNALIZED beliefs we have!!!!!

So FUCK (have sex with) fellow people labeled ‘poets’ and that ‘poetry’ Way!


Seeking eke-ings of sanity? to hold on? to barely make it thru the year?

(fuck i’m doing it again! rhyming! aaaarrrrrggggghhh!)

Corralled, contained, creatively neutralized in all our non-thought-thru constructs!

Reading up on stages, divided and un-boldened,
Getting used to our “Proper Role”.
A trick was played on us, y’kno!

Thought control is, after all, to ‘First World’ nations
What violence is to a dictatorship!
There was a perceived “CRISIS” in “our” claimed democracy,
Back when many many were startin to imagine liberation possible
In tha 60s and 70.

Liberation, even beyond Spoon-fed Left and Right fundamentalist imagi-Nations &
And nihilist existentialism stations,
Had To Be beaten and Rolled Back
(making Rollback Generations)
By those cynically keepin the “Winning” rations!

With Funding, rewards…
–and for some reason we can’t create our own???
Our own cultures!

Manufacture of Consent,
raisin’ our rents,
parade of superficial enemies
to keep up The Social Vent.

More than 30 years, now, fooling us again,
by a relative handful of sneaky-fied emotional-button-toters!

Looks like we’re “stupid” as charged, tho i see an “-ized” on the end of that barge.


By all manner of Nuclearized families, Compulsory skooling, Therapeutic State, COINTELPRO, “Leaders”, “formal” organization,
a mostly uncritical sense of “Expert” subordination.

Powerless we feel, and psychological genocide…

Yet, look, folks, YOU CAN decide
Which is the most excellent real
and become MUCH MORE
and toss Fear of Losing implanted in us
Outta da door!

Undertake a self-instruction course in intellectual self-defense
and take a copy of [flyer passed out after] this here, it
couLd VERY WELL make some CRUCIAL SENSE!!!!

–aND show ya how EASY it can be to AVOID
That same old “Winning View” nonsense ploy!