Photos of some ORriors in action! With a link to some of their ‘reports’

Note: For ‘security culture’ consciousness, it could be crucial to think through “reporting” in “too much” detail about your actions. The actions shared here, however, have been online for many years, and may be examples that are not entirely “security conscious” but at the same time, had to be shared, somehow. Separated from meaningful input, these ORrioRz followed their intuition(s) as best they knew, seeking to possibly inspire other creatively intelligent darers.

Read more about ORrioR actions made x-country, here:

Here are examples of some of our “ORrioRs”:


Note: topics there include varying depths of independent, dissenting ideahhz, some which will unsettle “normative” settler beliefs!  ImageImageImage

and some you might try wearing sometime: