Some art of mine, anti-copyright



Wanted to put a bunch more up here, but i have to change the files to something wordpress accepts, first. But I don’t usually have the ability to change the files…oh well….

Anyway, i plan to use this blog more often in the future. Basically, once i link it to more busy sites, is the plan. In the meantime, any commentary is welcome for these pieces.


The above piece could especially use some input…dissent welcome! As well as better summarizing or other text input! (i.e. make this one more clear to readers)

As far as “orrior not warrior” tactics of late, i definitely don’t restrict myself to merely doing art. Or, at least not art on paper, etc. i’ve been actively experimenting with public interventions more and more, and wow, it sure is fun to get out into the unknown and experiment!!!! While at the same time living rite on the edge of “the possible” full time. One of these days i’ll explain more, i expect.